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Cricket balls...

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Cricket balls...

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:29 pm

Time to get a post or two on here! About 10 years ago Brighton & Hove Crescent started using Oxford Magna cricket balls ( after getting fed up with balls going out of shape or being like a piece of soap if we played on a damp outfield.

We've never looked back - these are superb for club cricket, easily lasting 80 overs still in shape and with enough shine for a decent bowler to be able to swing the ball. Over the years, many clubs have asked us at the end of the game where we get the balls from.

They are probably a bit more expensive than most of us use, but if you order a couple of boxes you can call Nathan Searle (his number is on the web site) and see if you can get a small discount or free delivery. Nathan is a club cricketer and is always willing to try to help out.

We've already bought ours for this year, but if you try them out and like them we could organise a group buy next year to see if we can get a good discount.



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